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·         Registration: August-October

·         Competition: October -November

·         America Recycles Day: November 15

·         Recycling Reports Due: Mid December

·         Winners Announced: February

What is Recycle-Bowl?

Recycle-Bowl is a free competition for K-12 school recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities. School recycling programs across the nation compete in a race to collect the most recyclables. Whether a school has an extensive recycling program or is just launching basic recycling collections, Recycle-Bowl is an excellent way for teachers, student green teams and facility managers to engage their school community in a fun and friendly way.

How do you participate?

The competition is open to all public and private elementary, middle and high schools. Recycle-Bowl participants will track and report how much material (cans, cartons, bottles and paper) they collect during the four-week competition timeframe during the fall semester.

Winners will consist of one school in each state (and DC), that collects the most recyclable material per capita, A national champion chosen from the top statewide winners, and schools that host a community recycling drop-off program will compete in a separate category.

  1. Hold a fun, fair and friendly recycling competition.

  2. Inspire students, teachers and administrators to recycle more.

  3. Catalyze bigger, better recycling programs.

  4. Provide “teaching moments” with students about the benefits of recycling.

  5. Divert material from disposal.

Recycle-Bowl Goals!

“Veterans' Hill Elementary Student Council led our campus in starting a recycling program last year.  We were amazed at how much recycling weight our school collected!  The entire campus enjoyed participating in Recycle Bowl, knowing that our recycling efforts reduced waste and impacted our environment in a positive way!”


Misty Patureau

Principal of Veterans Hill Elementary School


A program of Keep America Beautiful

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