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Curriculum Goals
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of solid waste issues

  • Use hands-on activities to teach students how to properly dispose of and handle solid waste

  • Promote social responsibility 

  • Increase awareness of our natural resources and steps to protect them

  • Use a behaviorally-based, systematic approach to changing attitudes and practices related to proper waste handling 

Curriculum for Teaching Grades Pre-K to 6th
Litter Prevention and Solid Waste Management

Waste In Place teaches our future leaders the importance of litter prevention, natural resources, and solid waste management. The classroom activity guide supplement, for grades Pre-K to 6th , builds critical thinking, processing, and problem-solving skills through imaginative, hands-on lessons, and contains 42 lesson plans on diverse subjects, including litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, landfills, watershed protection, natural resources, and more. 

Lessons are correlated with TEA's TEKS! 

Receive Continuing Education Hours! 

Receive Texas Environmental Education Advisory Credit (TEEAC) toward an environmental education certificate! 

Educators and School Systems can use Waste In Place to: 
  • Meet local and state mandates for an environmental education curriculum 

  • Teach the essential elements or course study requirements for grades pre-K through 6

  • As a tool to encourage youth participation and service in the community

  • As a workshop for training teachers in environmental awareness or as a continuous training or college credit opportunity 

  • And Much More! 

Upcoming Training! 

In order to utilize the Waste In Place curriculum, individuals need to go through a training. Educators (formal and non-formal are welcome) attend a 6 hour workshop that provides information sharing and hands-on activities that demonstrate the usefulness as well as offer an understanding of solid waste concepts through the Waste In Place curriculum.  Space is very limited in order to keep the training hands-on.  Training and lunch is free. Only cost to attendees is the $20 curriculum book.  This training is for adults to train them on how to use the curriculum. It is not an event for children. 

At this time there are no scheduled Waste In Place trainings coming up. Please check back for future events. 


A program of Keep America Beautiful

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